GO Forth! Motorhome Hire
Security Deposit


As with most motorhome hires, there is a 'Security Deposit' to be paid when you collect your motorhome.

Our Security Deposit is £750 - one of the lowest amounts out there 👌

We require the Security Deposit to be paid by debit or credit card on the day of collection.

The Security Deposit is refunded in full providing there has been no damage to the motorhome during your hire period. 🤞

Travelling with Pets?

🐶 Dogs love motorhome holidays too! 😁

We'll do our best to accomodate your pooch when travelling!

⚖ [We do need to consider Passengers vs Payload to ensure you don't go out overloaded] ⚖

PLEASE NOTE: The Security Deposit does increase to £1500, but this is refunded in full if there is no damage to the motorhome.

Picking up & Dropping off

We've heard the internet 'horror stories' about not getting deposits back post-hire; that's not our style!

Albeit, that's largely based on your motorhome coming back in the same condition it went out in 😉

When you come to collect your motorhome,

we'll run you through our Vehicle Condition Inspection [VCI] where we'll agree on any pre-existing defects/damage. 🤝

For your own piece of mind, we actively encourage you to take pictures/videos of the motorhome condition too, filter free!

When you return, we focus all our attention on how great your holiday was - 'cause we're nosey! 😜

Afterwards, we'll check over the motorhome and aim to agree it's return condition is 'As Let'

allowing us to refund your Security Deposit right there, on the spot!*

We'll invite you again to take pictures/videos before leaving GO Forth! HQ

as the motorhome will then be fully washed, cleaned and valeted (which may uncover damage).

We simply ask for your honesty upfront if you are aware of any damage

as having to repair/correct any defects may impact our next hire going out 😢

*[PLEASE NOTE: Deposits can take 3-5 business days to reach your account again - that's outwith our control]

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for further information.