GO Forth! Motorhome Hire
Driving a Motorhome


All our motorhomes weigh in under 3500KG, so can be driven on a normal car license.

Florence 🥰 is 7 metres long (8M when using the bike rack) and 3.2 metres high whereas Freddie 👑 & Prince 🤴 are slightly longer at 7.5 meters.

If you've driven vans and lorries before, you'll find driving our motorhomes a breeze.

This short video will give you a few hints and tips on how to master the art of motorhome driving.  

🥜 IN A NUTSHELL; take your time, take corners slow and wide, and just be mindful of your height, length and tail-swing 🥜

We'd also advise familiarising yourself with the excellent 'Motorhomes & Campervans' section

over on the North Coast 500 Website - it's very informative! 🎓

🔎 www.northcoast500.com/top-tips-hitting-route/motorhomes-and-campervan-advice/ 🔍

Although you are free to GO Forth! as you please, we would draw your attention to the warnings that the

❌ Bealash Na Ba and B869 Drumbeg Road should be avoided. ❌

These can, and have been explored in motorhomes, however may require you to reverse to the nearest passing place

(which may involve reversing round corners!) and one stuck motorhome can cause problems for

locals, the enjoyment of other tourists & the emergency services; not to mention potentially your Security Depost! 💸

We suggest that these roads are left to be explored another time in an open top sports car 🏁

A little more info...

We supply you with a Sat Nav [FREE 😉] which has our motorhome dimensions already stored in it,

so you will only be guided down you routes that you can safely pass. 

As well as using the wing mirrors, and rear reversing colour camera,

we strongly suggest that you chuck your passenger out to guide you back when reversing/parking up.

When you arrive for your hire, you'll get a full 'induction' on your chosen motorhome's features and equipment to be sure that you get the best out of it when you are on your holiday - we're always on the end of the phone if you get stuck 🤙 

The induction can take the best part of an hour (or longer if required), so please factor that into your itinerary. 

We will check you are comfortable jumping into the driving seat, but if needed, we are more than happy to nip you round the block and give you a GO Forth! Crash Course (pardon the pun!) on how to drive Florence 🥰Freddie 👑 or Prince 🤴

A Guide To Motorhoming In Scotland

Visit Scotland have created this must watch video on motorhoming in Scotland 🙌 

It has TONS of information,

as well as hints and tips that will help you get the best

out of your upcoming holiday 👍

It's definitely worth 6 minutes of your time 😎